Head of Operations


Rachel heads operations at TenOneTen Ventures. She has previously held investor relations, operations and chief of staff roles at early and late-stage venture firms. Prior to venture, she spent over 10 years at Goldman Sachs in asset management and was a founding member of Jordan Park, a SF-based multi-family office, where she managed service and operations.

Hometown + Education

From Darien, Connecticut. Undergrad at UVA, and MBA at Berkeley

What areas are you focused on as an investor?

Before TenOneTen

Operations + Investor Relations in Venture, Goldman Sachs

Earliest lesson learned about business?

Importance of finding the right clients — I was on a babysitting retainer at a young age

Nerdiest thing about you?

I’ve got my library card number memorized

Most “LA” thing you’ve done?

What brought you to LA?

Don’t tell anyone, I live in SF!

Lessons on mentorship?

Most people want to help, they just need direction on how best to do it

What tech gets you endlessly excited?

Cellular agriculture

What tech or invention did you think of first?

Any instant deal breakers during a pitch?

Best piece of advice you've ever gotten

How do you spend time outside of work?

Cooking, knitting, gardening, reading, traveling!

Standout moment from your founder experience?

What founder traits that get you most excited?

What are the greatest and hardest parts about being a founder?

Early lesson you learned about investing?

I witnessed tough lessons about single stock management early in my career

How many pets do you actually have?

One small dog, and two medium-sized children

Why did you join TenOneTen?

I saw “supportive, knowledgeable and nerdy is our brand”!

Anything else?