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Jim is the former chairman and CEO of Deloitte Consulting. During his nearly 32 years with the firm, Jim advised numerous Fortune 500 companies across industries and worked closely with C-suite executives to deliver leading insights and innovative solutions. He was recognized for his ability to drive growth at any scale. Jim is particularly proud that he was instrumental in shaping Deloitte’s pro bono program, which was recognized by the White House for creating significant societal impact. Jim currently serves as a Strategic Advisor or Board member to several organizations. Jim holds an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and a BA from University of California, San Diego, and serves actively on several academic committees at both schools. Jim lives in Los Angeles with his wife Cynthy, their dog Lani, and their three children.

Hometown + Education

San Diego; MBA UCLA Anderson; BA UC San Diego

What areas are you focused on as an investor?

Before TenOneTen

CEO of Deloitte Consulting

Earliest lesson learned about business?

Facts, truth and integrity matter

Nerdiest thing about you?

Wore a calculator on my belt as an undergrad

Most “LA” thing you’ve done?

Met my wife-to-be on the first day of business school at the Sunset Rec Center at UCLA

What brought you to LA?

Business School at UCLA Anderson - 1985

Lessons on mentorship?

What tech gets you endlessly excited?

It’s the combination of tech applied to drive exponential change that gets me excited

What tech or invention did you think of first?

Carbonated fruit juices (100%)

Any instant deal breakers during a pitch?

If the founder “has all the answers”

Best piece of advice you've ever gotten

"Lois Evans taught me to prioritize my ""whole life"", not just my ""professional life"". Bruce Frerer - ""shut your computer and think""!"

How do you spend time outside of work?

Standout moment from your founder experience?

What founder traits that get you most excited?

Passion, enthusiasm, energy and drive, willingness to learn, ability to recruit and develop a team

What are the greatest and hardest parts about being a founder?

Early lesson you learned about investing?

How many pets do you actually have?

Why did you join TenOneTen?

The people, the culture and the focus

Anything else?