Eric is a Partner with TenOneTen Ventures. Prior to joining the TenOneTen team, Eric was Vice President at Amplify.LA Capital where he focused on pre-seed and seed investing. Eric started his career in tech at Scopely, a now prominent LA-based mobile gaming company. Eric is a graduate of the University of Southern California where he served as Student Body President of the Marshall School of Business. He continues his involvement with USC today as an Investment Committee Member for the USC Marshall Venture Fund. In addition, Eric serves as an Industry Advisor for LavaLab, a student-run incubator, which he founded while at USC that has since helped lead to the creation of a number of venture-backed startups.

Hometown + Education

Los Angeles, CA, USC

What areas are you focused on as an investor?

SMB software and tech for legacy industries

Before TenOneTen

Investor at Amplify.LA

Earliest lesson learned about business?

Nerdiest thing about you?

I once rebuilt the entire Windows XP start screen experience using only "clickable" Powerpoint slides.

Most “LA” thing you’ve done?

Got in my car to drive across the street

What brought you to LA?

Born and raised!

Lessons on mentorship?

What tech gets you endlessly excited?

What tech or invention did you think of first?

Airtable! I once wrote an entire business plan for a web 2.0 application that would combine the best parts of Google Sheets and a SQL database.

Any instant deal breakers during a pitch?

Best piece of advice you've ever gotten

How do you spend time outside of work?

Spending time with family is a huge part of my life. I also love travel, photography, and especially travel photography.

Standout moment from your founder experience?

What founder traits that get you most excited?

I love founders who know their numbers!

What are the greatest and hardest parts about being a founder?

Early lesson you learned about investing?

How many pets do you actually have?

Why did you join TenOneTen?

It's rare to find high functioning teams AND high integrity teams. I also loved that the team is perfectly LA and perfectly nerdy.

Anything else?