David has nearly two decades of experience as a technology entrepreneur. After graduating with a masters degree from MIT’s Media Lab in 1995, David co-founded Firefly, an early pioneer in personalization and privacy technology. Firefly was acquired by Microsoft in 1998 where the company’s flagship product became the Microsoft Passport, the web’s first unified authentication and identity platform. After Firefly, David co-founded PeoplePC, a company dedicated to simplifying the process of joining the online world. PeoplePC served over 600,000 individual subscribers as well as Fortune 100 corporations such as Ford Motor Company, Vivendi Universal and Delta Air Lines. PeoplePC went public in 2001 and was acquired by Earthlink in 2002. In 2005, David co-founded SpotRunner, a Los Angeles-based technology company that worked to revolutionize the way advertising was created, planned, bought and sold. Since leaving Spot Runner, David has dedicated his time to helping entrepreneurs realize their goals. He is an active mentor, speaker and investor.

Hometown + Education

Born in Santa Monica. Grew up in Berkeley. Undergrad: Berkeley, Grad: MIT (Medialab)

What areas are you focused on as an investor?

HealthTech, IoT, AI, Future of work

Before TenOneTen

Founder of Firefly Network (acquired by Microsoft), PeoplePC (IPO) and SpotRunner

Earliest lesson learned about business?

My lemonade was underpriced

Nerdiest thing about you?

I was the co-president of the Fibonacci society at my high school

Most “LA” thing you’ve done?

Surfing with the TenOneTen team

What brought you to LA?

Born here, came back to start my 3rd company in 2005

Lessons on mentorship?

What tech gets you endlessly excited?

Computer vision

What tech or invention did you think of first?

The web browser

Any instant deal breakers during a pitch?

Founders who don’t know their market

Best piece of advice you've ever gotten

How do you spend time outside of work?

Standout moment from your founder experience?

Whenever employees go on to start their own companies

What founder traits that get you most excited?

Ambition, perseverance

What are the greatest and hardest parts about being a founder?

Early lesson you learned about investing?

How many pets do you actually have?

A ludicrous number

Why did you join TenOneTen?

I didn't know how to get a VC job so I started a fund

Anything else?