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Zach White — Sinai Ventures

January 27, 2021

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Great talk with Zach White about managing Sinai Venture's $600M Fund II.

We talk about investing in Pinterest, buying secondary shares, and independent thinking in the venture business.

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I'm excited to be talking with Zach white today. Zach is a partner at Sinai ventures. Sinai recently announced a $600 million Fund II, so they're now one of LA's largest funds, and I believe they'll now be looking at more growth stage opportunities. Sinai has an amazing portfolio of investments, including Carta, Pinterest, Roman health, Hippo, Compass, and many more. Zach, thanks for coming on the show.

Thank you so much for having me. It's an honor. 

I am super excited that you guys have raised so much capital. Um, I have a big fund to be investing and you're based here in LA. Um, maybe you could , start with a little of the history of Sinai and, 

Sure. so we launched me and my business partner, Jordan launched Sinai ventures in 2017. And , um, it came as a function of Jordan at the time was , doing, investing for a large single family office out here in Los Angeles. And his primary focus was tech in, in the public markets. Um, and so. Through that lens.