LA Venture Podcast


Z Holly — Good Growth Capital

September 30, 2020

Series A

Super interesting guest (and person), Z Holly talks about university innovation, LA manufacturing, gracious professionalism and the LA River (see Rio Reveals).

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Z Holly is an investor at Good Growth Capital, but her LinkedIn would tell you that she's an instigator. Good growth just raised a hundred million dollar Fund III to invest in deep tech and transformative science. Z knows a lot about deep tech and transformative science from her roles at MIT and USC, where she was vice provost for innovation. Z, instigator is such a perfect word.

I was going to call you a builder, but instigator is really good.

You created the first TedX. You built a non-profit to support Los Angeles manufacturing. And I just listen to someone describe your life as a Mountain Dew commercial.

Yeah, I have so many things I want to talk to you about. And you created a podcast. Yes. Love podcasting. Yeah. No, I want to talk to you about podcasting, too, but maybe I will start with Good Growth Capital.

Yeah. Yeah. I'm really excited to have just formally joined the firm. I've been working with them for a while now and they're just amazing, rockstar, venture firm based on the East Coast that folks on the West Coast really haven't heard of before.

A lot of them. But we're really well known for our ability to evaluate and support and invest in early stage transformative science and engineering companies. A lot of stuff's spinning out of universities.