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Yelena Shkolnik — Jump Capital

March 23, 2022

Series A

Another great Series A fund in LA!  

Yelena Shkolnik is a partner at Jump Capital.  Jump may be most recognized for their crypto work, but we have a broad conversation on content, commerce, fintech and how those are converging in today's ownership economy.

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Yelena Shkolnik is a partner at Jump Capital where she focuses on investments in media and enterprise software. Jump is a $350 million fund, mostly leading Series A rounds. Prior to joining Jump, Yelena was at Chicago based MK Capital. She grew up in LA and we are glad to have her back! Hello Yelena, good to see ya.

Well, let's jump in and start talking about Jump. Well, so educate us a little bit about Jump, you know, the check size focus area theses.

Sure. Yes. So jump is HQ’d in Chicago. And the focus for us is leading series A for the most part. So I'd say our sweet spot is probably like that $8-10 million check. And we do lead probably uh, 70 plus percent of our portfolio.

We are the lead and we're incredibly thematically driven. So sometimes we do meet companies early, right? So say we develop a particular thesis around commerce. We'll meet companies that are at the seed stage. And it's a nice opportunity for us to get in a little bit early, build a relationship with those founders and then eventually be a lead.