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Will Weisman — KittyHawk Ventures

November 29, 2023


Explore the realm where future tech intertwines with the quest for immortality with Will Weisman.

From his start as a couch-surfing entrepreneur to Executive Director of Singularity University to founder of KittyHawk Ventures. Predicting a world where immortality is possible, this episode dives into the cutting edge of longevity, the power of psychedelics, and reimagining our lifetimes. Tune in for an inspiring journey into tomorrow!

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I was going to say today I'm with Will Wiseman, but you've kind of kicked us off already. Will is the founder managing partner at Kitty Hawk Ventures. Kitty Hawk is a Seed stage frontier tech fund that was birthed at Singularity University where Will was the executive director. Will has been at Foundation Capital, Maveron, I found out you were the founder of World Raps out of college. Lot to cover, thanks for being here.

I'm so glad to be here. Thanks for having me.

Awesome, so usually I'd like to start with something like Kitty Hawk, seems like the relevant topic, but I feel like for Kitty Hawk it's relevant to hit a bit about Singularity.

Yeah, let's do it. What do you want to know?

Well, you were Executive Director for 10 years. I want to know all the kind of crazy stuff. I wonder about what you were exposed to, what was really exciting there, give us the basics.

Yeah, yeah, so my background is kind of a mix of entrepreneurship and venture capital. I was at this crossroads where I was frankly exhausted from taking some swings at being an entrepreneur and I was thinking about the things that I really love, and I love learning, and I love being around extraordinary people. So, I had this really cool opportunity to join Singularity in its early days, there were about 13 people in the organization at the time. It was founded by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis. Ray had written this book called The Singularity is Near and it talked about how more and more technologies were becoming information technologies. They were growing exponentially. You know, this is written probably 20 years ago. Peter had read the book, realized that there was no place people could learn how to think this way and to get exposed really to what was happening at the forefront of all these different technology areas, and so started Singularity.