LA Venture Podcast


Wes Nichols — March Capital

July 12, 2023


March Capital was investing in generative AI long before ChatGPT went mainstream. 

Wes Nichols has brought his 30 years of analytics and AI experience as an investor and entrepreneur to help March Capital with this area of focus.

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Thanks for doing this. You know, when I first met you, I really didn't know all the history of your entrepreneurial journey. Maybe we could start there.

Sure. It's been almost the only thing I've known. I grew up back east in Maryland and my dad was an architect and was very entrepreneurial himself. Had his own architectural firm. So, I got to live through the highs and lows of that.

But aren't the high highs and the low lows also just entrepreneurship.

Yeah, it is. Absolutely. But being exposed to that just sparked my interest And, I started doing things when I was a kid. You know, doing car washes and setting up a carnival for neighborhood kids and just whatever I could do to try to turn a buck was something I was very interested in.
And, then McDonald's, which was fantastic. I love the McDonald's training and the experience and the speed. And I got very good at predicting what people were going to order as they walked up to the counter. That was my parlor trick with my coworkers - so maybe an early analytics bent of mine.