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Virginia Schmitt — B Capital

August 6, 2020

Series A
Series B

Virginia Schmitt is a partner and CFO at B Capital.  B Capital is a leading growth-venture firm and one of the largest with an LA office, investing $10-60M in series B-D companies. Virginia shares insights from being a CFO investing out of over $1B AUM.

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Virginia is a partner at B Capital. B Capital recently announced their second fund of $820M. B Capital is known for investing into Series B venture rounds with investments in Bird, Evidation Health, Icertis, Atomwise, Ninja Van and more. Virginia is a partner and also the CFO. And before this, Virginia was at Open Gate Capital, a global private equity firm.

Virginia, thanks so much for coming on.

L.A. Venture, thanks so much, Minnie. I'm excited to be here. Cool.

Well, first off, congratulations on this huge second round of funding. It's you guys have grown a huge amount.

Yes. We're really excited to have fun to finally closed. And, you know, especially in this environment, it's nice to be sitting on capital so we can get back in and do our day jobs of investing in great companies and and partnering with them to help them scale.