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Vinay Singh — Anthemis Group

November 2, 2022

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There are so many great founders and VCs moving to LA!

Vinay Singh is a Managing Director at Anthemis where he leads seed and Series A investments out of their early stage fund.  Vinay tells us that Anthemis is a global investment platform focused on the digital transformation of financial services, investing across all stages of growth.

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Vinay Singh is a managing director at Anthemis Group, a FinTech focused fund that leads seed and Series A rounds.

Vinay is also a partner at Archer Gray, a content studio with a venture arm that Vinay led. Vinay has produced over 15 films and has a lot to say about empowering creators, payments in media and the future of work. Really excited for this conversation.

To start, I believe that before this you were on the creative side of media. Can you tell me what your role was as a producer and how that led you to VC? Yeah, you know essentially I was the conduit between the creatives and the money and the person who would kind of figure out how to structure the deals and source the financing and run the productions.