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Taj Eldridge — Include Ventures

March 3, 2021


Taj Eldridge tells us about his brand new $250M fund, Include Ventures, that he just launched with Bahiyah Robinson and Keith Spears.  

Taj is passionate about reducing the wealth gap through black and brown ownership and continuing the work he's been doing with LACI.

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Hello and welcome to the LA venture podcast. This is Minnie Ingersoll host of the podcast and partner at TenOneTen. TenOneTen is a seed stage fund here in LA. All opinions expressed on this show by me and my guests are solely our own.


Taj Ahmad Eldridge is one of the founders of a new $250 million fund, Include Ventures.

Include Ventures is split between a $125 million fund of funds and $125 million for direct investments. Include Ventures is a brand new fund that Taj started with Keith Spears and Bahiya Robinson. For the past two and a half, almost three years, Taj has been director of investments at LACI, the Los Angeles Cleantech incubator.

Taj. Thanks so much for coming on the pod.


Minnie. Thank you so much. Thank you so much longer way. Thank you for this. Love, this