LA Venture Podcast


Steve Ahern — KB Partners

February 16, 2022


How are sports evolving to match the changing tastes of fans? What can traditional sports learn from esports? How is sports betting rolling out across the country? We discuss all this and more with Steve Ahern, partner at KB Partners.

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Steve Ahern is a partner at Chicago based KB Partners but he just moved to LA a couple of months ago. KB is an early stage fund investing $1- $3 million at the intersection of sports and technology Prior to joining KB four years ago, Steve was an investment banker in Chicago and he went to USC.

Great. Well let's start with the overview of KB and some of the themes that you guys are investing into.

Absolutely. So I joined KB partners about four years ago, as we were starting to ramp up our first fund as a group.  We actually have a long history in venture capital. Our managing partner, Keith, , had been in the business for about 25 years, had two early stage funds but only more recently it started to focus on this intersection of sports and technology that we now focus on.

For us it's a pretty broad umbrella underneath this, sports tech thesis. It's anything from human performance. uh next gen media, as it relates to sports. So OTT and streaming technology, We'll look at stuff in around the live experience.