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Spencer Rascoff — 75 & Sunny

November 10, 2021

Series A

Spencer shares all about 75 & Sunny--how he is trying to avoid putting dot.LA behind a paywall, how Pacaso is not at all like a timeshare, and how he's reinvesting back into startups in LA and beyond.

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Spencer Rascoff is with me today. Spencer is the co-founder of Pacaso and DotLA. He's a serial entrepreneur who also co-founded Zillow and Hotwire, and was the CEO of Zillow for a decade. We probably can not cover it all today, but we will definitely talk about his fund, 75 & Sunny. 

Spencer- Thank you so much for coming on the podcast.

Minnie. I super excited to be here. 

Let's start with 75 & Sunny because I do think it's the best name ever.  I live in Pasadena where it's like 85 and sunny, but.

Yeah, I live closer to the ocean where it's 75 degrees. I mean, 15 years in Seattle and I love Seattle I, you know, made a lot of great friends there and, grew a lot personally and professionally there. But when I moved back home to LA a couple of years ago and started investing more intentionally, I decided to pay an ode to the weather in LA and named it 75 and sunny.

I love it. so you are at 75 and sunny. you're incubating companies. You're also investing in companies. I'm fascinated by, by both, but I thought maybe we'd start with the, the companies are.