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Shomik Dutta — Overture VC

July 6, 2022

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Climate is eating the world.

Shomik Dutta says that climate, and specifically the need to decarbonize every major industry will "eat the world" in the same way that Marc Andreessen famously said that software would eat the world in 2011.

Shomik argues that the TAM in climate is multiples of the TAM in software today.  The immensity of the need is one of the motivations of the work that he is doing now at Overture.

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Today I am with Shomik Dutta.  Shomik is a managing partner at Overture, a climate tech and sustainability fund that helps startups navigate government and regulatory complexity. Before starting Overture, many in LA know Shomik as the founder of Higher Ground Labs, a political tech fund investing in startups to strengthen democracy in the U S.

Shomik also worked for president Obama and in private equity in the energy sector. I would love to start with the early days of you working with, I believe then Senator Obama.

Yeah. I started much to my Indian father’s chagrin, working for governor's races and Senate races and kind of hacking around you know, started in high school. And then through college, my junior summer, I took one break to do Lehman brothers investment banking. And my dad was like, Shomik, you’ve made it, that's it.