LA Venture Podcast


Shane Kelly — MCT

September 29, 2021


Media tech expert Shane Kelly joins to discuss the business of financing feature films and tech startups.  

Shane also shares his passion for Pharrell's Black Ambition Price and his thoughts on the state of capitalism.

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Shane Kelly is with me today. Shane is a film tech expert having financed over 20 feature films and invested in over 20 tech startups. His primary investment fund is MCT a fund that will finance content creation and also invest in the tech that enables the media industry. He's also involved with Pharrell Williams, Black Ambition Prize, a board director for Plugin South LA and managing partner at Wolverine angels.

Hey Shane, thanks for coming on the pod.

Absolutely Minnie, thanks so much for having me. 

Well, let's start with MCT, I thought, cause that's kind of your primary vehicle right now. 

Absolutely. Well, first I just started with just a little bit of context. MCT was born out of this notion that there are going to be kind of new modes for investing in content going forward. And I learned about that through, as you mentioned, financing about 20 films that did 300 million at the box office and then spent the last decade just investing in tech startups and building tech startups. 

And so, MCT is really an organization that is set up to fund the future of content. And MCT was formed, to not only be able to invest capital into the new pipelines for content that have emerged with streaming as well as traditional but also now with the disruption that's happened from COVID, there are massive opportunities for deploying capital into the space that really didn't exist before. And so that's really, the thesis of MCT is to take advantage of really opportunistic places to deploy hundreds of millions of dollars into content.

And that was hard to do if you were not a studio up until now, and now we actually have an opportunity and a window to invest, you know, significant chunks of capital into content.