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Sanjay Reddy — Unlock Venture Partners

May 12, 2021


Sanjay tells us about Unlock Fund II, his Southern California focus, advice for startups on finding good bankers and much more.

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Sanjay Reddy is a founding partner at Unlock Venture Partners. Unlock is targeting check sizes of about a million dollars into seed stage companies out of their fairly new Fund II. Congratulations. Before Unlock, Sanjay was the CEO of OVGuide, the founder and CEO of live matrix, and he has extensive operational and M & A experience.

Good to see you today.

You too Thanks for having me.

Okay. First question, what is the correct way of pronouncing your name?

I was wondering if she was going to break or you were going to bring that up. So it's Sanjay, it's S U N. Think about the sun moon, sun, and the letter J Sanjay super simple. The problem we have is, uh, the Sanjay Gupta on CNN has, resulted in most people in America thinking that that is the core pronunciation of it.

So you say the problem we have, you mean the problem? We collectively all the Sanjays in the world have.

Collectively. That is what we have. It's not a massive obstacle relative to other things, but yes.

Okay, great. So I'm glad we've cleared that up. How about unlock? 

You are mostly Southern California and Seattle focused looking for companies with AI and data as a moat.