LA Venture Podcast


Sam Wick — UTA Ventures

June 30, 2021

Series A

Sam Wick joins to talk about UTA Ventures. Sam clarifies how and when startups can best approach UTA's clients and the role of the Ventures team.

Full transcript

I am excited to get to chat with Sam Wick, Sam leads UTA’s Venture Group. He has deep experience in the media and technology space, including senior positions at MySpace, AOL,, and most recently on the management team of Maker Studios, The UTA Ventures team builds companies and invests in companies  at the intersection of entertainment, commerce and technology. They have a great portfolio that includes Masterclass, Cameo, Patreon, and many more. Sam, very excited to get to chat today. Why don't we start?

And you could tell me a little bit more about your investing as well as your venture studio.

So, the UTA Ventures Group, really our mission statement is to invest in and build great companies that are at the intersection of media, commerce, and technology. And we do this in a few ways. So one, as you mentioned earlier, we do have a venture investment practice and we're looking to invest in businesses where we can add strategic value to them.