LA Venture Podcast


Roy Rubin — R-Squared Ventures

November 16, 2022


Roy Rubin dropped out of UCLA to start Magento, a massive eCommerce platform that scaled to over $100B in transactions annually.

Roy is now writing $500k to $1M checks out of his fund, R-Squared Ventures.

The story of his success and lessons learned is inspiring and worth a listen!

Full transcript

Today I have Roy Rubin from R-Squared Ventures with me, R-Squared is writing half a million to million and a half dollar checks into early stage companies.

Before starting R-Squared, Roy was the co-founder and CEO of Magento, a massive open source eCommerce platform that scaled to doing over a $100 billion in transactions annually. Roy, so excited to hear about your journey and have you on the podcast.

Awesome to be here. So my story actually starts as a student at UCLA and I had some programming skills that I picked up on the side and I needed some money. I really had no money back then and I needed to pay rent. So I take these programming skills that I have and I start this freelance business on the side and I start taking client projects.