LA Venture Podcast


Rick Smith — Crosscut Ventures

September 22, 2021


Rick Smith is a founding manager partner of @CrosscutVC and one of the pillars of the LA tech community.  

Crosscut is now investing out of Crosscut Fund V, but started as a $5M Fund I in 2008.  We talk about growing a fund, a scout program, a tech community and growing personally.

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Rick Smith and I are here live. No, no, not live we're in person.

Rick Smith and I are here in person in Venice, California. Rick is a pillar of the LA tech community, having started Crosscut about 13 years ago. They're now investing out of Crosscut V. 

Rick, I kind of buy into this whole notion that startup’s cultures are really set by the early employees and I think the same applies to cities or to communities. And I think LA tech community has been so warm and so welcoming. So I feel like I would like to thank you and others who have set the foundation here.

Well, I think you're right about that on the early employees. And uh, I think that's one of the hallmarks of that.

LA community, I think is the warm openness instilled the belief that we're all in this together. And if the rising tide will lift all boats, we're still in that phase of, LA and I love it.

So I want to go back, like when I met you, I thought, okay, smart, successful Harvard law school. But really that's all wrong, no, um, no, but give me like star me from sort of Illinois.