LA Venture Podcast


Raina Kumra — The Fund LA

July 21, 2021


Raina is a partner at The Fund LA along with Anna Barber, Josh Jones, and Austin Murray.  

We talk about The Fund, ethics in tech, the benefits of daily turmeric and more.

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I am chatting with Raina Kumra today. Raina is a partner at The Fund LA. She's the CEO of Juggernaut, a digital transformation agency. She helped stand up the tech ethics portfolio at Omidyar.

She has had a very interesting founder journey herself, and I am going to give up trying to summarize her career and just say hello. Hello, Raina.

It's so nice to be here. 

There's a lot of different places to start right now, but I was thinking, how about we start with The Fund LA. because that's where you're really actively writing checks right now.

Yeah, The Fund is going well, as you know, as you've had Anna Barber as a guest on your show a couple of times, right? We are on ice with our partners, Josh and Austin. And we are a classic pre-seed stage fund, and across really any category we do very little CPG we tend to be more towards the software side. I think we have a pretty great portfolio.

How many investments have you guys made?

 So we’ve made 24, 25 investments, I think at this point.

We're just about to close on another one and we raised The Fund mid pandemic. And looking at our portfolio today and we, you know, we only write 50 K checks, so we have a lot of dry powder left to go, and we have another 20 deals to deploy and looking at our portfolio it's, it's really a great balance of everything that LA has to offer.