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Phil Sanderson — Griffin Gaming Partners

April 7, 2021

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Griffin Gaming Partners is a $250m Fund I focused exclusively on gaming.  

Phil Sanderson says that gaming investing is the new enterprise software--a predictable business model with strong CAC to LTV ratios and increasingly large exit opportunities.

We also talk about ultramarathons, a 240 mile race, and how Phil has trained himself to go after even bigger, more audacious goals.

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Hello and welcome to the LA venture podcast. This is Minnie Ingersoll host of the podcast and partner at TenOneTen. TenOneTen is a seed stage fund here in LA. All opinions expressed on this show by me and my guests are solely our own. 

Phil Sanderson is one of the founders and managing director of Griffin Gaming Partners. Griffin is a $250 million fund investing in the global growth of gaming. Phil has been investing in gaming entrepreneurs for the past couple of decades with investments that include Discord, Thriller, Pandora, Phoenix Labs, and many others.

At the end of last year, he ran a 240 mile race through the Moab desert. Phil, I'm very excited to talk about gaming and I also hope to save some time to ask you about what inspires you to run 240 miles through the desert. Thanks for being here.

That was a, uh, that was a fun one. Took me 97 hours. I learned a lot about sleep strategy since four of those 97 hours we were sleeping, but I probably should have slept in the first, uh, two and a half days, rather than waiting for the third night to sleep. But that's another story. I think that that sort of embodied some of the ways I live my life, which is about challenging myself through physical and mental goals, um, and trying to achieve those goals, reinventing myself, and lifelong learning.

So those are three principles I live by ultra running is one of those methods I use to, uh, to keep growing. 

Yeah, but Phil, I was thinking about it. I think 240 miles is like nine marathons. It's more than nine marathons. 

It's hard for me to get my head around. Also, is hard that out there, you know, its that 10,000 feet altitude at times, and its 30 degrees, at night 85, 90 degrees during the day. It's so extreme, but I think, that this is very similar to entrepreneurship. I did a TEDx talk on hacking an ultra marathon, how it's compared to being an entrepreneur.

It's about setting goals, having a great team, being flexible with the plans that you have and adapting and having fun.