LA Venture Podcast


Petra Griffith — Wedbush Ventures

November 5, 2020


One of my new favorite LA investors, Petra Griffith, joins to discuss Wedbush Ventures.

Petra talks about starting a new fund, how she's seen venture debt work well as non-dilutive funding, and lessons on the content business from Netflix and Yahoo.

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I am excited to be catching up with Petra Griffith today. She built and launched Wedbush Ventures earlier this year after a stellar career in a variety of operating roles at Yahoo!, Netflix, GrandPoint Bank. Petra and Wedbush have really burst onto the scene in L.A. and we have been looking at a lot of great companies together lately. Petra, I feel like I'm getting to know your tastes.

Would you say seed, sometimes precede and and how L.A. focused are you?

Yeah, great question. Yeah. Pre-seed, seed. And I like L.A. I have a preference for L.A. but if I look at the companies that I've invested in so far, about half of an L.A. and half are not in L.A. you have this is why we're so compatible.

We're exactly the same seed, precede half in L.A.. OK, so start me with a little bit of your background.

Maybe maybe take us back. You're a product manager at Yahoo! Yeah. Yahoo's changing CEO's faster than we can remember.