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Patrick Mathieson — Toba Capital

March 8, 2023

Series A

Another great Southern California Series A fund and another great investor moving from the Bay Area to LA.


Toba partner Patrick Mathieson tells us why he moved from the Bay Area to LA to pursue his thesis around companies building platforms for SMB.


Patrick has invested in Boulevard, PatientPop, FloQast, Luxury Presence and now Candid (a TenOneTen co-invest).

Full transcript

Patrick Mathieson is a partner at Toba Capital where he leads Series A and early stage investments in B2B software and vertical SaaS companies.
Patrick led the investment in PatientPop and is on the boards of Boulevard, FlowQast and one we just did together, Candid Wholesale. Very exciting.
Patrick is also a prolific writer. Check out his SubStack, The Down Round. Patrick, thanks for coming on the show.

The overview on Toba. So we've been around for about 10 years. You could think of us as early stage B2B software generalists offices, the HQ in Newport Beach. That's where we grew out of. We kind of come out of a company called Quest Software. Something interesting about us is we're a single LP evergreen structure.

One individual provides our capital. His name's Vinny Smith. He was the, uh, chairman, CEO of Quest software. People that have done B2B or enterprise IT type work in Orange County, probably know that.