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Nicole Quinn — Lightspeed

December 2, 2020

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Nicole Quinn says "you can't be called Lightspeed and move slowly" and explains how they can get a term sheet done in 2-3 days.

Lots of insights on building an enduring brand that are applicable whether you are in the consumer space, or building an insurance company.

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Nicole Quinn is a partner at Lightspeed, one of the iconic funds of Silicon Valley. Nicole focuses on early stage consumer in Internet and fintech with an amazing portfolio, including Calm, Goop, Lady Gaga House, Rothy's, Zola, Girlboss, and so many more. Before that, Nichole spent nearly a decade at Morgan Stanley covering e-commerce, retail and consumer companies. Nicole, thrilled to have you on the show today.

Thanks so much for having me. Many great.

Well, maybe we start with the basics of light speed. I know earlier this year there was a 4.2 billion dollar announcement. But tell me a little bit more about sweetspot of a company size check, that sort of thing. Sure. So at Lightspeed, we actually started in January the year 2000.

And I think that shapes who we are as a firm because we are all about sticking with founders through the good times as well as the very tough times. So we have 10 billion assets under management. Our last fund was a four billion dollar fund. And the idea there is the sort of old growth capital, 70 percent that actually goes into companies we've already funded. So we'll start to invest in companies at the seed, series A Series B stage and then we'll continue to be that capital partner for their life.

And so our average check size on the early stage is about 15 million. On the growth stage, it's about 30 million. But we're excited to work with founders of all different stages and and sectors. Great.