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Minnie Ingersoll — TenOneTen

March 27, 2020


It was really hard to do a podcast about myself on my own podcast, but my dear friend Steph Hannon was kind enough to interview me.  I tried to give the basics of TenOneTen ($500-$1M into seed rounds), but mostly felt like we chatted about my background and this podcast :)

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OK, I'm here today with one of my best friends, Steph Hannon.  Steph is going to interview me today, which is a treat. And Steph really has been one of the best product managers in in the Bay Area as head of product at Strava most recently.

And before that, Hillary Clinton's CTO and Google Local, which is not where we met because we actually went to Stanford together. Anyways. Steph recently moved to L.A. to be with me.

Prefect. So excited says that you're spending time with baby. What a treat.

It's such a treat. And I really wanted to interview you because listeners of your podcast don't get the chance to hear enough about you and your background and how you came to venture capital

So why don't we just start with why you're in L.A.?  Full stop. I think you grew up in Pasadena. And you have a lot of deep roots here. So what brought you back?

Yeah. Many different things kind of kind of happened. So as you said, I'm from Pasadena and I had an amazing childhood. I called my glory years.

And it's kind of sweet.

My my son is now at Poly where I went to school. And that's all very, very cute. My dad's a professor at Caltech. So that's what why we were in Pasadena. Anyways, I graduated high school and then like, you know, I went to Stanford and study computer science and then kind of stayed in the Bay Area and had been thinking about moving to L.A. But I didn't like Hollywood when I was growing up.

Like it made me self-conscious in ways about not being sort of Hollywood enough. Yeah. And that was very associated with L.A. Career wise. But now the L.A. tech ecosystem has really got grown into its own at the same time that the Bay Area tech ecosystem has sort of been having a lot more struggles. And so kind of those two things made it a good time to move back.