LA Venture Podcast


Michael Stoppelman — Angel, scout, friend

March 3, 2020


Michael is one of the most sought after and prolific angel investors in LA.  One year he invested in 50 companies... and that was before joining a prominent scout program.  We also talk about growing Yelp with his brother Jeremy Stoppelman.

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All right. Hey, Michael. Hey, we're here with Michael Stoppelman, that is what he is known to me as.

Michael and I have known each other for like fifteen years, something like that.

And Michael is one of the most prolific and sought after angel investors with something like a hundred and forty angel investments, which is awesome.

Before that, Michael was at Yelp for like some like ten years starting as an engineer and working way up to a senior vice president of engineering.

And with me at Google many years before that, pre-IPO days. Thanks so much for being here. You're also Bhatta Surfer.

Thank you for inviting me to this podcast. It's a real honor to be talking to you.

That's silly. Welcome. Yeah. Welcome. So give us I give a little bit of who you are. What did I miss there?

So. So when I graduated from Purdue and computer science, I moved out to San Diego because I wanted to become a surfer. And I spent two months there, couldn't find a job, and ended up at this little startup called Google, getting an offer from Google. All the v.c is in San Diego, told me that I should take the offer and I'd be stupid not to. So it was a post-sale support job.

And at Google. So it wasn't an engineering prop..