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Michael Carney — Evoke Advisors

May 4, 2022

Series A

The best day to sell your company is the worst day to re-invest that money.  The best day to plan for that sale is not a month before it happens.

Evoke's Michael Carney shares wealth management tips for startup execs and tells us about Evoke's fund of funds strategy.

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I'm excited to be here today with Michael Carney. Michael is at Evoke Advisors where he advises high net worth individuals and nonprofits on their investment activity.

He also manages Evoke’s $100M fund investing into other funds. And of course, Michael was a partner at Upfront for a number of years prior. Michael. Good to see you.

So this is still a reasonably new role for you and I'd love to just start, maybe give us the overview of the Evoke.

Yeah, like you said, I was at Upfront ventures and spend a lot of time in the startup ecosystem and kind of in that capacity became very good friends with a gentleman in town named Andrew Palmer, who is a wealth advisor who works with a lot of startup founders and entrepreneurs.