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Meredith Finn — March Capital Partners

December 3, 2019

Series A
Series B

Meredith is a partner at March Capital Partners where she leads investments into enterprise B2B companies raising Series A, B and C.  Prior to March, Meredith was at Salesforce Ventures.

I'd want Meredith on my board if I were running a later stage enterprise business!

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We are here with Meredith Finn and partner at Mar Capital Partners. Hi. Hi. Thanks for being here. Before this I believe you were in the Bay Area at Salesforce ventures. Yes. And now you're up at March capital where you guys do Series A B and C investing. That's correct. Fantastic. I got it right. Welcome.

Thank you. Great to be here with you guys.

So how long ago did you move. I moved it at.

Well I joined March January 1st and moved to Santa Monica.

February 3rd. Wow. I know nine months I love it. Great. Yeah ten months segments.

And yeah.

Tell us a little bit so we know the basics of March you guys are series ABC investors. Yep but let's let's go backwards rather than forwards and talk about you and what you were doing maybe at Salesforce.

Yeah of course. So I was at Salesforce for almost four years working as part of the salesforce Ventures team which is the strategic investment arm of So we were largely investing in enterprise software companies that were strategic to Salesforce. So they're built on the Salesforce platform or had the potential to integrate with the Salesforce platform primarily focused while I was there on investing sort of in Series A B and C companies as well. The firms obviously really morphed over the last couple of years to investing in over the last few months I should say not even couple of years but to investing in a lot of growth stage deals and doing a lot of pre IPO stuff which is exciting for them.

 But yeah it was it was a great opportunity. And was a third person on the team in the U.S. there.