LA Venture Podcast


Matt McCall — Pritzker Group

October 13, 2021

Series A

Matt McCall catches us up on venture investing for the Pritzker group where he's doing a lot of seed deals and using those to fuel his Series A investing.

We also discuss wearing life like a loose sweater and other ways to thrive on the entrepreneurial journey.

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Today I have Matt McCall with me. Matt is well known to the LA venture community as a partner at the Pritzker Group, running their venture investing.

He has a great track record of investing in consumer companies like Coinbase, Dollar Shave Club, and Cameo, as well as great enterprise companies like Matchbox, Project 44, and SMS Assist. Matt, thank you for coming on the podcast today.

Thank you for having me.

So, I started by saying you're well-known to the LA venture community. I think you started the Pritzker LA office about a decade ago now, so let's catch up where's your focus today?

So our focus is seeds and series A. The way that we've approached the businesses, we have an active seed program where we'll do quite a few number of seed deals each year between 250 and a million dollars. And the idea is for that to kind of build out kind of our farm system and then probably half of our deals come out of our seed deals and then the other half come through traditional means,

Got it. And yeah are you in LA who's in LA or, or how sort of is the how the operation set up?

 I am splitting my time between Denver and Los Angeles