LA Venture Podcast


Matilda Sung — Ludis Capital

April 27, 2022


Ludis Capital founder Matilda Sung is investing $500k - 1M at the intersection of sports media and technology.  

She explains how the NFL compares its social media efforts to those of other leagues, how sports betting is different in the US than in other countries and she clarifies who really owns the rights to digital assets like TopShop NFTs.

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Matilda Sung is a partner at Ludis Capital and early stage fund that invests at the intersection of sports, media and technology. She's also managing partner at a family office, Sung Capital Partners, and she was previously the director of strategy and business operations at the NFL. And before that she was at McKinsey.

Well, I figured we'd jump in and start talking about sports. And maybe you could start me with some of what you were doing at the NFL.

Yeah, totally. I was actually coming from a consulting background prior to moving over to the league. And in full disclosure, up to this point, I am a average sports fan.And so I said, Hmm, Um, And so I went in and I had a wonderful conversation with David Jerica, who was brought in to sort of run the media operations out of LA and now runs the entire west coast for the NFL.And so we started really hitting off in terms of noticing how people were consuming differently. They were on top of it in terms of understanding that folks were no longer going to the three and a half hours games in person.