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Martha Notaras — Brewer Lane

November 17, 2021

Series A
Series B

Martha Notaras is the smartest and most fun Insurtech investor that I know.  She tells us about Brewer Lane's $175M Fund I and investing into Series A and B Insurtech and Fintech companies.

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I am excited for my conversation with Martha Notaras today. Martha is managing partner at Brewer Lane, where she is investing in early stage FinTech and InsurTech companies. Before Brewer Lane, Martha was a partner at XL innovate, investing in great InsurTech companies, including Lemonade, Ladder Life, and many more. 

Martha, thank you for coming on the podcast. Thanks for having me really looking forward to this. And I know you'll ask me some tough questions, Minnie.

We'll see heavy, hitting InsureTech questions Let's start with Brewer Lane and maybe you just share a little of the basics. What size check are you guys writing? How did you get started?

Absolutely. Brewer Lane was founded by John Kim, who was previously chief investment officer and president at New York life. he stood up New York life ventures. And I think he just felt like he wasn't done. John brought me in and we have a $175 million fund one. check sizes. Probably the median check size is five. We sometimes go up to 10 or above, but.

We are primarily focused on series a and B InsureTech and FinTech. And we have a little rubric I can talk you through, or if that's boring, we can talk about something else.