LA Venture Podcast


Mark Mullen — Bonfire Ventures

August 16, 2019


Mark talks with us about what sort of traction he looks for when doing B2B seed investing, what sort of questions he asks founders, and his direct personal style.

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Today, we're joined by Mark Mullen, co-founder and managing director of Bonfire Ventures. I met Mark back in 2013 when 10/10/10 was just getting started. He's been a mentor, friend and colleague ever since Mark's fund DoubleM Capital was one of only a handful of early stage firms investing in L.A.

A lot has happened since and we're excited to hear him tell his story. Welcome, Mark. Thanks for joining us on LA Venture.

Thanks for having me. You know, I love you guys, so I'm very happy to get the chance to talk to you.

You're very kind. So I told you I was going to ask you to tell us a little bit about your background. I said not too much. And you said it's very relevant and interesting. So please let me turn it over to you.

I'm sure it's relevant, but I'm not sure it's interesting. But I grew up in Colorado and I'm an only child. And so I had a lot of early responsibility in my life being alone. And both my parents were entrepreneurs. My mother started a interior design firm. And that was really neat to see her do that. And my father was an entrepreneur for basically his whole life. He was in the ski industry and then he was in the restaurant business.