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Laurent Grill — JLL Spark

June 15, 2022

Series A
Series B

Corporate venture capital is becoming a first choice option for founders seeking the value-add that corporates can bring in an industry.

This is the thesis of Laurent Grill as he seeks to build the #1 choice PropTech fund at JLL Spark.

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I'm with my friend Lauren Grill, partner at JLL Spark. JLL is a global commercial real estate company and JLL Spark is the corporate venture fund. They're investing in seed through Series B technology companies that are transforming the real estate industry.

And of course, before JLL, Laurent was many years leading investments at LA-based Luma Launch. Hello, Laurent.

About a year ago, I transitioned over to JLL spark, which is the strategic corporate venture fund for JLL. We're focused on Series A, Series B and frankly growth investments in the prop tech space. We're investing across a variety of different themes ranging from FinTech in our space to smart buildings , construction tech, tenant experience platforms, ESG really broad on, on the construction as well as built world overall. So, you know, just to give a little background where we're writing from the direct fund $2 to $10 million checks, both leading and participating.