LA Venture Podcast


Kyle Lui — Bling Capital

June 29, 2022


Another great example of top Silicon Valley talent moving to LA!

Kyle Lui was a partner at multi-billion dollar DCM until he left to join Ben Ling at Bling Capital.  He shares thoughts on how a small fund can still build best in class playbooks and processes to support founders.

Full transcript

My friend, Kyle Lui is here today. Kyle just recently made the move to Bling Capital where he is a GP with Ben Ling. Before joining Bling, Kyle was a partner at DCM, a multi-billion dollar Sand Hill and Asia-based fund.

Kyle has invested in companies, including SoFi, Lime, Tempo, DocSend, and Shift of course, where we met. Kyle started in venture as the founder of Choicepass, acquired by Salesforce. And Kyle is from LA and we are happy to have him back in LA. Hi, Kyle.

Yeah. After all these years, I finally get to come on your podcast.

It's a big time now. So this is a big move. So I want to talk about Bling. Like, why did you join Ben and join Bling?  Well, firstly, Ben and I have known each other for 15 plus years. He was my first angel investor. But even prior to that, we were friends, we've co-invested. And so, even when he was starting Bling capital three and a half years ago, I was early advisor and LP in every fund.