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Kobie Fuller — Upfront Ventures

March 16, 2022

Series A

Every pitch today involves community.  Upfront partner and former CMO Kobie Fuller tells us how the best brands are giving users the tools to be brand advocates and how those same brands are tapping into the community to get insights.

We also talk about being black in venture and what inspired Kobie to build Valence, a network for black professionals.

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Today I am chatting with Kobie Fuller. Kobie is a partner at Upfront. He's also the co-founder and chairman of Valence, a community for black professionals.  Before Upfront, Kobie was a principal at Accel, he was the CMO of Revolve and he started his venture career at Insight. Kobie has invested in Exact Target, Oculus, User Testing, The Wave, and many others. Kobie- Thanks for being on the podcast.

Thanks for having me.  Great. Well, I thought we'd start some of your investing and maybe starting with Insight and what does an associate who's kind of early in their career, what are they doing at insight?

Yeah. Well, when I was at insight, I mean, that was back in 2004. So I joined during fund IV,  $740 million fund, and the role was essentially just cold calling and trying to source interesting investment opportunities that hopefully the senior partners would chase after.

So. In any given week doing at least a hundred outbound cold calls to founders in specific categories that I thought were potentially interesting at that time, Or I just take, you know, lists of companies that were on fast-growth lists and just go straight down, you know, calling one by one each company to see if there's anything interesting for us to invest in.