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Katelyn Foley — UP.Labs

August 1, 2023

Series A

She created 15 businesses in 8 years.

Katelyn Foley's next act? Building a first-of-its-kind venture lab as President of UP.Labs. 

In this episode of LA Venture, you'll learn the secrets to her strategy.

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You've created 15 businesses in eight years.

Yes, I was at the Boston Consulting Group's Digital Ventures. That's where I got my start. I was there for almost eight years as a partner by the end, and we worked with corporations in BCGs pipeline, and we started new companies with them.

And so some recent ones that I launched were Spin by Oxxo, if you know Oxxo convenience stores down in Mexico. That's a FinTech that I had the pleasure of launching.

What does Spin do?