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Karan Wadhera — Casa Verde

June 8, 2022

Series A

Cannabis is still a schedule 1 narcotic (cocaine is a less serious schedule 2).  

Cannabis plants have RFIDs on them and are tracked from seed to sale.

Casa Verde's Karan Wadhera tells us why he sees this and other regulations as an opportunity and why he and Snoop set up Casa Verde to invest from $1M to $15M in cannabis startups.

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Karan Wadhera is the managing director at Casa Verde, a cannabis focused fund that he set up with Snoop.  They've made investments in many of the defining companies of the cannabis industry, including Dutchie, Eaze, Metric and many others.  

Prior to Casa Verde, Karan was a senior executive at Goldman Sachs and Nomura. And, prior to that, he worked with celebrities like John Legend to build their digital presence. 

How did you get going?   How did you end up working with people like John Legend, Snoop so early in your career?

So I was always I've always been a musician always wanted to be star and from a music standpoint; be a performer. And so I played music my whole life and entering into college maybe just becoming like a pragmatist and a realist to say like I still want to be around music I dunno if it's going to be performing.