LA Venture Podcast


Josh Resnick — OpenSky Ventures

March 6, 2024


Josh Resnick is the co-founder of candy brand Sugarfina, where he sold very expensive gummy bears that made people happy. Before Sugarfina, he sold his video game developer Pandemic Studios for $860M. He is now a General Partner at OpenSky Ventures where he invests in the future of commerce and helps founders avoid pitfalls of growing too fast--adding SKUs too quickly, not having a handle on business data, overspending on legal and other lessons he's learned from his founder and angel investing journey.

Full transcript

Today’s guest is Josh Resnick. Josh is the founding general partner at OpenSky, where he is investing in the future of commerce. Prior to OpenSky, Josh was the co-founder and CEO of Sugarfina, a luxury confections brand that was recognized as a top 10 most innovative retailer and one of the world's most innovative companies.