LA Venture Podcast


Josh Jones — The Fund LA

October 6, 2021


Josh Jones is the richest, goofiest, most confident yet normal-seeming person who was a Bitcoin pioneer, recently bought an airline, and is a partner at The Fund LA.

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Josh Jones is with me today. Josh is a person who likes to start stuff.

Josh started a successful hosting business DreamHost and ran that for 12 years. Josh started EPUB. He was a very successful Bitcoin pioneer. He recently bought an airline. Of course, he's an investor at The Fund and he runs a local accelerator. Hello, Josh,

Hello Minnie, thanks for having me. sounds like me kind of.

I mean, there were many other things I could have said. Did I mostly summarize,

That was pretty good. Yeah. The EPUB bud was the name of it, but yeah, that's a lot of the stuff.

Well, I tried to go based on your LinkedIn, but your LinkedIn said that you like gondolas basketball, lunch, and the internet. So.

Yeah. Let me tell you about lunch.