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Jonathan Hung — Trousdale Ventures

April 20, 2022

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Series B

Jonathan Hung tells us about his two new funds:

 * Trousdale Ventures has deployed over $300M the last two years and is a partnership with Phillip Sarofim.

 * Playhouse Ventures is a web3/NFT fund with Steve Aoki.

He also shares his perspective on doing business with China and how to choose a manufacturing partner in today's market.

Full transcript

Jonathan Hung is a super angel, a Managing Partner at Unicorn Ventures, a manager of his family office fund, J Hart Ventures with over 30 LP positions in addition to his more than 80 direct investments. Prior to investing. Jonathan was president of United Overseas Textile Corporation, an international clothing manufacturing business. Hello, Jonathan.

I would love to go back and kind of paint the full picture. Like where were you in high school?

Yeah. I went to Buckley in Sherman Oaks. And it's so funny now, looking back at it where it's just like, I remember these guys and girls who were like my classmates and now like they're big in the LA venture scene, like the Broukhims, right. And then like Ari at clutter, you know, I had classes with these guys.[toggle] Afir as well. You know, I remember doing AP C++ like right next to them. And so it was funny to see like, wow, I guess we are all a little older. Like I'm, still 39 now, but I'm just like, where did the time go? Oh, I love that. You're local. And, um, tell me about your family and the family business.