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Joe Guzel — Haven Ventures

January 12, 2022


After investing in Chime, Step, Brace, and many others, leading FinTech investor, Joe Guzel, tells us why he and fellow Crosslink partner McLain Southworth are starting their own fund, Haven, and betting their careers on web3 FinTech.

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After a very successful five and a half years at Crosslink, Joe Guzel is just launching his own fund, Haven. Joe has a really impressive portfolio of companies he's invested in including Chime, Step, Brace, Personal Capital, and many others. Prior to Crosslink, Joe was at CrossCut for a couple of years. So, someone well-known to LA venture. 

Hello, Joe, thanks for being here and being an in person. Thank you for having me. This is an awesome office for those of you that can't see it. Um, it's a house.  It's a surf house and you're right down the street, Right down the street, made the leap from, San Francisco after having lived there for 10 years, two stints, finally moved down to LA full time and I'm never, ever going to.

Yeah, so, it's kind of a Long convoluted story. but I started my tech career at Intuit, uh, right out of undergrad , and then when I transitioned into venture, I joined an LA firm called cross cut ventures. they were the first institutional seed firm in Los Angeles that was, I think it was 2015 or late 2014. , and I just kinda caught the LA bug.