LA Venture Podcast


Jim Andelman — Bonfire Ventures

October 7, 2020


We talk with Jim Andelman about Bonfire's new $100M Fund II, the great team additions (Jennifer Richard, Tyler Churchill, Brett Queener), what good traction looks like nowadays and a couple great resources on tech.

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You may be able to hear a little bit of harp music in the background. She's doing her harp lesson via zoom in the other room. When she was seven, when they were seven, we told them they were going to learn instruments and we said, what instrument do you want to play? And one of them said, drums. And we're like, cool. And the other one said, harp. And I said, What's your second choice?

OK, great. So we're recording. I'm going to go ahead and read an introduction. Oh, my God, we're recording.

OK, Jim Andelman is a pillar of the Southern California venture ecosystem, along with Mark Mullen. He is one of the founding partners of one of our favorite B2B funds, Bonfire Ventures. Before that, Jim was managing partner at Rincón Ventures. He has guided many startups through their early stages and a few early stage VC firms as well. My sometimes co-host, David, is here as well, and I know he would also express appreciation, Jim, for your pillar-like support of this ecosystem.

Thanks so much for having me.