LA Venture Podcast


Jessica Jackley — Untapped Capital

October 20, 2021


‍Jessica Jackley is currently an investor at UntappedVC and the founder of Alltruists,  a startup disrupting the $300B volunteer economy.

Jessica shares how her experience starting Kiva shaped her view of what is possible.

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Jessica Jackley is the founder of Untapped Capital an early-stage fund investing in the unexpected. She is also currently simultaneously the founder and CEO of Alltruist, a startup that is innovating in the volunteer economy. And, she first made a huge impact on the world and the lives of many as the founder of Kiva, a nonprofit micro finance platform that has made over a billion and a half loans.

Jessica, thank you so much for coming on the pod.

Thank you so much, it's a pleasure to be here.

So, I know that I'm not going to be able to hit all of the highlights today. Um, but maybe we could hit some of the big ones and maybe you could start us with a little bit more about Kiva, how you got that going.

Absolutely. Um, I was fresh out of college, you know, very wide-eyed and idealistic. And I mean, I guess I still am today, but definitely less experienced, younger, more energy, all the things. So, I decided I wanted to learn about social entrepreneurship and at the time, you know, I was working at the, an admin at the Stanford graduate school of business, and I did not have any path forward.