LA Venture Podcast


Jeffrey Evans — Mantis VC

September 28, 2022

Series A

Talking with Jeffrey made me wonder if I need to get a celebrity for our venture fund.  Jeffrey had the opportunity to work with Alex and Drew of the Chainsmokers to set up Mantis VC and it sounds like an amazing team.

Jeffrey explains the value that the Chainsmokers are able to bring and how entrepreneurs and funds can best work with celebrity.

Full transcript

Today I'm with Jeffrey Evans. Jeffrey is one of the founders of Mantis, an early stage venture fund that he co-founded with the Chainsmokers. He is also chairman of Buskin records an independent record label and Bassline Management, an artist management firm. Jeffrey was also the founder of TigerText, an LA based startup that raised over a hundred million dollars and built Snapchat before Snapchat.

So I want to talk a lot about your background, but maybe we start with Mantis. And I think this is a fair question because you did run a record label and an artist management company so I want to know, like, what are Alex and Drew like? You know, what makes them really stand out?