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Jason Yeh — Patron

January 4, 2023


The next version of the internet will feel a lot more like a game.

Jason Yeh and partner Brian Cho helped Riot Games scale League of Legends to a massive global scale.  They take a lot of lessons from gaming as they invest from $90M Patron Fund I into what they call the "spectrum of play".

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Today I am with Jason Yeh, co-founder of Patron. Jason was previously a VC at First Mark, where he led diligence on Riot Games. He then joined Riot really early. He worked on League of Legends expansion and creating e-sports internationally.

Now at Patron, he focuses on the convergence of games and the consumer internet. Jason, thanks for coming on the pod. Why don't we start with the basics of what you're working on at Patron.

Sure. Yeah, so at Patron, we describe our thesis as the “spectrum of play”. And so for us it's kind of thinking about what does the future of the consumer internet look like? And for us, we just believe that it's going to be more fun, social, interactive. And so a lot of the things that we learned during our time at Riot, kind of scaling this massive global community and focusing on delivering value and creating products that people can use for thousands of hours is gonna inform, not just like how to make games, but can inform any type of consumer application going forward.