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Jamie Montgomery — March Capital

February 10, 2021

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Fantastic chance to get to know Jamie Montgomery.  Jamie shares how he's built such strong relationships, delivered outsized returns for March Capital, his approach to philanthropy and his high school fire extinguisher business.

For more, tune in March 3rd and 4th to the 18th annual Montgomery Summit.

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Jamie Montgomery is a co-founder and managing partner of March capital. Earlier this year, March announced a $450 million Fund III, congratulations. Prior to March, Jamie was the founder and CEO of Montgomery and co a well-known LA based investment bank. And of course he is the host of the Montgomery summit, which will be in its 18th year this year.

Jamie, thanks for coming on the show today.

Well, thank you.   

I feel like a lot of people in the venture world, the startup world know you as  the host of the Montgomery summit, but I would love to start with  the snapshot of Jamie Montgomery as a teenager.

For us as investors, we always want to have our entrepreneurs tell their story and it's and you learn a lot about their motivations and interests.  My father was a Caltech PhD, a true rocket scientist, who was a executive in the aerospace industry and spent time in the Kennedy administration in charge of all the strategic nuclear weapons, came to Los Angeles as a young teenager as he joined a startup down here in the aerospace industry in the seventies. 

So I went to Palisades high school and which was a great change of pace from growing up in Seattle and, uh , Uh, stayed here through, um , uh, university of California, San Diego. Um, and you know, through that period of time, I was always interested in, in, in business and, um , um, interested in technology and that they, the aerospace defense industry was the large tech sector here.