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Jackie Fast — Sandbox Studios

August 31, 2022

Series A

I learned so much about working with celebrities from Jackie Fast at Sandbox Studios :

* Celebrities are not doing this for impact.  It is for the money

* George Clooney's $1B payday from Casamigos caught everyone's attention

* It's not only about choosing the right celebrity, it's also about having the right team around them

* Celebrities are so eager to work with startups, they are resorting to DMs

* Celebrity and startup collaboration is going to explode

Full transcript

My guest today is Jackie Fast, managing partner at Sandbox Studios where she invests in products that are being built by celebrities. She's also well known as the founder of Slingshot, an agency that manages sponsorships for Prince, Rolling Stones, Richard Branson, among many others.

Jackie, so your background seems perfect for what you're building at Sandbox in terms of just working with a lot of celebrities, and now investing into these projects. But, tell me a little bit about Slingshot in your background.

For sure. So, I've been doing this a long time, but I really fell into it naturally.So it's one thing being in sales and convincing one person to do something or buy something. It's a totally different thing to convince two different people that they should be doing something together. Honestly, it's a lot harder. and so I had a knack for it. I set up a business called Slingshot in London and my whole ethos was that social media and digital technology was changing and shaping the way that consumers and fans could engage with the things that they love.