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Ivan Nikkhoo — Navigate Ventures

January 17, 2024

Series A
Series B

From fleeing revolution at 14 to shaping the future of B2B SaaS investments, Ivan's journey is nothing short of inspirational. Uncover secrets to startup success and the art of building a vibrant venture community.

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Ivan Nikkhoo is my guest today. I think a lot of the LA Venture ecosystem will know Ivan already. Ivan runs a family office, N3 Capital, as well as Navigate Ventures, a B2B fund that invests after Series A and usually before Series B. I'm sure he'll tell us about it. Ivan has been a business executive for many years, is the chair of the YPO Venture Capital Group.He teaches at USC, and of course, he regularly hosts these fabulous tech ecosystem dinners. Ivan, welcome to the show. great to see you. Thanks for coming on the pod.

Thank you. Likewise. Glad to be here.

Ivan, I've come to a lot of your dinners, I love them. They were actually my introduction to LA Venture.

Well, yeah, you've been a key part of it, and thanks to you, I've met a lot of other people as well. You're the first call I make every time we schedule these dinners.