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Greg Kubin — PsyMed Ventures

August 24, 2022


The hippies were right. From music festivals, to veganism, to eastern philosophy, and now psychedelics.  

In this fascinating episode, Greg Kubin tells us about the growing psychedelic movement that is gaining momentum as we start to understand more about how the brain works.

Greg's fund, PsyMed is a $25M fund investing in psychedelic medicine and mental health technologies.

Full transcript

I'm with Greg Kubin. It's Friday afternoon. I get to talk about psychedelics today. Kind of excited for that. Greg, I have been listening to you talk about psychedelics and mental health on your podcast and it's so good. Congratulations on making a good podcast.

If listeners are interested in knowing what ketamine therapy is, Greg goes and gets a shot of it in his arm on like one of the first episodes.

Very first episode. It was dramatic. It was like suspenseful.  I mean, I would say with an intramuscular shot of ketamine you don't exactly know what the experience will be like.  It kind of shoots you into a liminal space and yeah, in that experience I had, I would say, a few notable memories from it.